Monday, April 3, 2017

A Bird of a Different Color

"Pandora Migrant"
9" x 12"
merging watercolor with pastel
on UART sanded paper
adhered to gatorboard

I am plugging along with the online course I am taking
with Tonja Sell.  Finally hit the part that I will be loving even more.
The underneath of this one is watercolor washes, color mixing, stenciling,
gauze placement, plastic wrap effects and lots of manipulation of the surface.
In such a hurry once it was dry, forgot to take a photo of it.
Once that step is completed, you turn the piece around and around until
you find an object or thing you can embellish into 
a piece of reality - reminds me of when I was a little
girl and would lay for hours looking at the woodgrain
on my closet door and see faces or animals.
I saw a bird..and used a plastic sleeve and marker
to draw it out to refer to
upon adding more watercolor and pastel.
I got carried away with those whispy lines on the pastel.
I saw a bird with fine, shiny, colorful feathers.
The color families you see, were the color families
that were produced in the underpainting...which
if you knew, there is some underpainting showing
through on the end result.  Next time, I will photograph the
watercolor for you to see the process more completely.
BTW, for permanency - gatorboard is my new GO TO strata
for adhering artwork to.  It is good and strong.
  Foamcore usually warps
 when using PVA glue. I order
my gatorboard from
UART comes in lots of different grit and either paper 
or board and
 is available at major art suppliers, 
I got mine from Dick Blick. Dakota Pastel
carries it too.


Chris Lally said...

Wow! My new favorite, Pattie! That is what makes a piece of artwork so unique, creative, personal! I would be loving the online course with Tonja Sell.
Thanks for the tip on the gatorboard.

Pattie Wall said...

Thank you Chris - I am loving it - and hope to get to way more than I am right now.