Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Painting for Today

"Cup of Pansies"
5" x 7"
oil on black gessoed masonite board
Finally finished a painting or two.  I like the looseness and brushstrokes in this one.  It was fun - I get jazzed about the colors on the black gesso...you just have to work hard in getting the hue to read right...so it may take a few applications.  Honestly, I have to attribute the photo to one off of Morguefile. I was intrigued by the composition.   
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Jonathan said...

I really like the composition with this painting and as you pointed out the strokes are beautifully done as well. Thank you for commenting on my blog I really appreciate it and glad you enjoyed the step by step process!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Jonathan. Everyone reading this should go see Jonathan's step by steps - they are wonderful!

Mark Bridges said...

Nice work. The checker pattern reminds me of Kansas and the flowers remind me of what mom puts in the salad.

Pattie Wall said...

Now why does that checker pattern remind you of Kansas? Dorothy and what-not or ??? If your mom puts that on salads, she is a cool mom!!

Gwen Bell said...

Pattie, this feels so good! What a happy cup of Spring flowers and it looks perfect on the checkered cloth. Love the strong verticals you used in the checks. The positioning and perspective feels like a Cezanne to me. Very nice!

Earthula said...

Cup of flowers...pansy tea? The cup and saucer are just perfect in this painting.
It is a cheery piece!