Friday, April 9, 2010

Where in the World?

Somedays, you just don't know where your painting will take friend, Mark Bridges had posted his great painting on his blog that he had done for this month's challenge on a blog by Bill Guffey titled "Virtual Paintout".  You can go there and read all about it.  But the fun part was using "Pegman" on Google Maps and searching the Canary Islands for just the right spot to set up my easel and paint.  I had three places in mind...took a long time to find them, as you can't use anyone else's photo or idea, not that there aren't a cazillion places to choose from.  Being new to this, I was reluctant to use any screen that had other photos already saved at the top of it. 

I dug out some old watercolor paints I remembered I had. Dr. Martin's Radiant Concentrated Colors.  I noticed on the cardboard sleeve they were tucked into that I paid $19.80 for them and I think that was at Meininger's in Denver.  I LOVE that place and whenever I am in Denver, I GO THERE, if for nothing else to just look around at all the cool things they have!  In KC, I like to go to Utrecht and Keith Coldsnow and do the same thing.

Curious as to what they cost today, I found a place that was selling them for $92.40.  I thought I could find a better price and found one for $58.19 at Dick Blick.  I usually shop Blick, Jerry's Artarama, Daniel Smith, Utrecht or Pearl - online.  Yes, I know I hoard things 'art supply', but here is one example of why it is a good thing to keep stuff like that around.  I don't think I would pay today's price for them.  The colors ARE vibrant...I would normally use more subdued colors...but I figured what the heck!  Go for it!  Use Dr. Martin...and I did for the most part, had my little cheapos as a backup to mix with.  Some of the colors remind me of good 'ol iodine.  One of these nice days, I am going to give it a whirl with painting 'plein air' with them.  I am sure it's tricky - they would dry very fast, so I bet one has to use LOTS of water and lots of 'wet-in-wet technique'.

The BIG thing I like about watercolor is...there is no waste and no worry about preserving the pigments once I am done...just let it dry in it's space on the palette (I use cheap little plastic ones that have cups) and wake them up again with water for the next go round.  Not that I am 'dissing' oils...I love oils - just need a break from 'cleaning up' the palette and freezing the paint after each time at the easel.  You lose a lot of paint in the transition some days.

"Calle de la Asomada" (in Spanish - means Leaning Street)
La Guancha, Canary Islands
watercolor on cold-pressed Arches watercolor paper
5 1/2" x 7"

There must be a very good infrastructure in Canary Islands, as from what I saw (and believe me, I went everywhere), it is not cluttered with trash and debris, like some smaller countries - (I am pointing southward).  I think I should go there for a painting vacation some day!

(oh ya, I just did☺)


Mark Bridges said...

Good work. I think I saw that place.

Pattie Wall said...

Well, you should have stayed there, we could have painted together again!

Pattie Wall said...

and if you turned around 90 degrees, there was this awesome hillside full of greenery and a house up on the hill...that was my second choice.

Alice Thompson said...

Hi Pattie, I sure do love an art challenge! I didn't figure out there was a Pegman until after I had finished my paintings. Great to see you getting some painting in with your busy schedule.

SKIZO said...


Murilo S Romeiro said...

Congratulations for that nice artwork.
I like the way you painted the street.
I'm a big fan of The Virtual Paintout since I discoved it last year.
Best regards

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Alice, SKIZO and Murilo. Alice, painting is being pushed right in there with my busy's my antidote for life. I think I need an early warning on where in the world the next painting will be, I love looking around.