Monday, November 22, 2010

Checking Back In

As stated in my sidebar..I write this blog to tell about life as an artist living in (rural) Kansas.  Also, my plan was to have a plethora of art pieces to showcase on a regular basis.  Sometimes that works and sometimes that doesn't.  Many have told me that it interests them to know what an artist does, how they think, what they experience in their lives that makes them able to and want to do what they do.  I hope I share that, as well, probably not always obvious..but hopefully my readers can infer.  

Been in the studio the past several days.  It's been a real wrestle, but I need to get on with it.  I have a commission to paint of a coworker/friend's dog, who passed in May.  (See a couple of posts ago, same dog, different pose and a more involved finished piece - larger, more complex.)  By contrast, I am experiencing some of the same emotions that she felt at an earlier time.  This painting is one of those MOST IMPORTANT paintings for reasons you may understand.  Not that they aren't all important, but painting 'life' - posthumously - is the supreme challenge for me. 

Two dogs are with me at all times.  We are discovering the "new" order of life without Herman.  I watch them act out in different all says to me how they are missing him, too.  We are helping each other - healing from a loss of a pet, and best friend/companion/source of unconditional love and affection.  The BIG awareness for me is...there will never be another dog like him.  He was the "one and only - Herman".  Going forth each day, trying to find inspiration in his memory.  It's gonna take awhile.  Thanks for your kind thoughts/comments and emails. 


Anonymous said...

The change in routine and the big emptiness; yes these are so difficult. And yes, I see changes in his step-sister (my cat - no other canines). And a 3rd yes, it's going to take a while but trying to hang on to all those memories I so desperately don't want to let go of.

Angela Elledge said...

In March this year, we lost our 15 year old Zoe, the only dog my daughter had known since Kindergarten. Knowing her health was declining and realizing that the inevitable was facing us, we were caught unprepared. How do you go from a daily routine of love and joy for 15 years to an abrupt loss in your life? Not very well.

I paint a lot of pet portrait commissions and although, I know how important the memorial portraits are, I NOW understand at a completely different level. You will paint your heart out on this memorial portrait, sharing your love for Herman while you do so, lucky client and lucky Herman for having you for his family.

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Praying things adjust gently as you all go on with becoming a closer knit family after losing your beloved petmember. This next note is in response to your comment on my blog: Thx Pattie, been painting up a storm(for me that means 2 paintings done, one 1/2 way finished and the last just starting up)not able to upload anything yet, hopefully with in the next 2 weeks, I'm going to the USA for 6months Dec14, NM,FL,NM,KY,FL,NM Jun14 I fly back to Okinawa via Los Angelos. So I'll not have access to my acct, except rarely, nor much regular painting but I'll be doing color pencil paintings on the go. Thx again for the encouragement. Will upload soon.