Monday, February 7, 2011

A Sketch for Today as a Celebration

"D.M and Me"
9" x 12"
charcoal on Carte 'd Art by Sennelier paper
This month's theme in the 'sketchbook challenge' is OPPOSITES.  My childhood BFF and I have known each other since the 3rd grade.  We still stay in contact, seldom, but once you are close friends - you don't have to have too much explanation about one another's lives when you do talk or write.  It's kind of like being family.   This sketch is done from one of those photo booth pictures. This booth was in Woolworth's in downtown Englewood, Colorado.  We used to 'hang out' in that area, kind of like the kids hang out at the mall today (or do they do that anymore?). 

I consider this to fit the "opposites" theme for this month because of the difference in hair color - mine was heavily highlighted -her's dark brown, light vs. dark t- shirt color and body type difference.  She was petite, still is, I was bigger..still am - ha!  I had an extremely funky hairdo - these were the days of the British Invasion!!  She had an awesome tan that summer...I tried to capture that, even though she is in my shadow.  I was actually too close to the camera..a little blurred out - I took that effect out and cleared myself up. I see a little work in my chin still needs to be done - looks like I have a swollen jaw - so I quickly photoshopped that out for now, there should be a smooth line coming down the 'ear showing' side.  That's where I will work in the morning. 
Again, the camera always tells me what I need to do.



Dana Cooper said...

I love this sketch! Your mark making is very interesting...what a nice tribute to your childhood friendship!

Leann said...

You were both very hip!