Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's EVE...

Every time I look at this photo I took, there's a song that I start singing in my head "Red Solo fill me up...let's have a partay...let's have a partay..."
Got them from family for Christmas - they crack me up.  
Guess it's where we live - it has rubbed off on us.

This morning it is snowing - big time.  Bring it on, need the moisture!
Taking stock of this year 2012 - I feel like I have been spinning my wheels.  Breaking your ankle, having two surgeries and living with it's healing (still - a month shy of a year) - has been in the forefront of my daily activity - along with going to PT and doctors, somedays walking with a cane, somedays walking with a crutch or two.  My ice cleats and holding onto DH's arm have worked great in getting to and from the studio this past week.  I am ready for my life to turn into 'a better thing' - less pain particularly.

Living with pain, gets OLD - makes you OLD.  I know that just overnight - from 2012 to 2013, it won't happen, but I AM looking forward to getting this all behind me.  It has seemed like an eternity.  And, who knows what will happen next on my ankle. Still visiting the surgeon monthly - it's not done.

Thank goodness we have a point to wipe the slate clean and start over in our attitudes, our behaviors and a 'fresh outlook on our OUTLOOK'.  I will go for having the switch turned off to having it switched on - and any part of this will be refreshing.  I have my 'DECLUTTER CALENDAR' downloaded and printed to hang on the wall.

However, I was born to break resolutions - I do it every year, 
so I won't be making any - 
but I'm excited anyway, because it's fun to start anew!  
Always on the slate - PAINT MORE and PAINT what I LIKE!

Happy New 2013 friends!  Hope it is a good one FOR YOU!!

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