Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Self Portrait with Cat

"Crazy" Cat Lady
12" x 12"
oil on wrapped canvas

There is a sweet story behind this painting.  In November (if you were here then you would remember) I saved a little black kitty, who was obviously abandoned in the cold.  (Strangely enough, there was later a striped one we rescued, as well - other stories go with her) 

From the moment I picked this  little kitten up (not little anymore), we have had a special bond.  Not a day goes by when I paint in the studio, that this kitten/cat doesn't climb either up the chair or jump from the desk behind me to my shoulders.  She usually wraps herself around my neck like one of those vintage 'fox wraps' from long ago.  She sometimes cradles herself in the fold of my painting apron, just as she has here, right below my chin. 
Her name is Pyewacket - PYE for short. 

I took several photos of us from time to time, but thought this would definitely make a GRRREAT self-portrait.  Needless to say, after these cats arrived, my allergies kicked in, and I have a mild 'cat allergy' especially when she is rubbing into my face, but OH WELL...such is indoor cat ownership.

  My friend Kelli, said to be sure I highlighted the word 'crazy' in the title - so there you are.
Little TINY kitty - PYE.

Both cats helping me paint.
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Leann said...

Wonderful. I am looking forward to watching Tempo turn into a "real cat" and bonding with her over the next few months! Beautiful portrait.