Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Priming and Sorting

I finally finished my pastel sort.  I don't have a Heilman box (a great wooden carrier for pastels)..but I am saving my pennies to get one.  I have used SOOO many other things to organize my pastels. What works for now are these great plastic drawer organizers I found at IKEA (I have used wooden trays, boxes that I cut apart and compartmentalized, trays, etc.)  Since I have always left the wrappers on my pastels, I needed to catalog what colors I had and make a color chart with name, manufacturers and sample - first, then (ooo, this slays me) break them into half or less in some cases. Here is a photo of all that I have been up to along with priming the gatorboard with Golden acrylic Quinacradone Azo Yellow Gold mixed into Golden's  Fine Pumice Gel.
Next a close-up of my pastels by value and then temperature.
This was a daunting task, but I learned alot by looking more closely at the
pigments, getting to know each brand better, since I would no longer
have their label to go by...
While I am at it - I would like to share 2 of the 4 works that I did at Rita's workshop
two weekends ago.

This is Danni's cat in Oregon. He is no longer with us, and his photo
I have had for some time, I could no longer resist.

6" x 8"
pastel on primed Gatorboard

This is my cat, Meeka.

6" x 6"
pastel on primed Gatorboard

And lastly - I always hope to collect paintings 
from those I learn from. I LOVE this painting
that Rita demo'd on the first day of class.
I named him "BOSCO"

5" x 7"
pastel on primed Gatorboard

Honestly, I never thought I would ever meet
Rita, much less take a class with her.
It was quite a boost for me, I hope to see
it after much practice on her technique.
P.S. Several people have asked where I purchase the Gatorboard.

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