Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy NUMBER 9! number 9..number9..number9

Often times I think - 
I should update my blog.
I should blog more..
I should take down my blog..
I should migrate this blog to another weblog service just for the difference..
I should..

then I think, 
MEH, this blog is fine. 

The problem with this blog lately is ----
I think I have too many things going on in my life.  
I am so busy. 
 I am sporadic with my art lately because of this whirlwind of activity.
But mainly - and honestly - I JUST don't take the time. 
I am not a good planner. 

But I like to blog when I can plan it in my day.
This is my 9th blogiversary.
Thanks to all my readers and lookers!!
I appreciate that you stop by to see 
what's new from time to time.  

Do I still have something to say?  I always have something to say.

Keep tuned for further developments, I am not giving up yet. 
I will have something to say or most likely show.


Laurie Mueller said...

How many blogs can a Pattie write,, when a Pattie can write blogs?!

Just keep writing! And I loved the moose in progress. One day maybe I'll try pastels.....

Pattie Wall said...

I have a great list of over 100 things an artist can write about - going to explore that one, headed west for a month in the RV..lots of photos for resource coming. You should try pastels, they are fun and so many bright colors can be found (except you get such bright colors from your paints anyway!)