Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday and the Girl with the Golden Goose

"The Girl with the Golden Goose"
8" x 10"
on Canson illustration board

~ at least my rendition of it.  I decided that I wanted my goose to
look real, so I didn't make it golden.  I used an 'inspiration' gathering exercise, where
I looked around my surroundings for items to use in my painting.
I love birds, hence the bird in the sky and I love my Pampas grass
that grows outside my studio I included
a plant of that.
I used a couple of layers of different mediums in this one.
I used collage and some gesso ground for the second layer and then
more paint and pencil on the top layer.
This is done in mixed media, marker, gesso, collage, paint, watercolor and watercolor 

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