Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where I Stand Sunday

I am standing over my knitting, thinking I want to work on that today after I unload the car from yesterday's show. It was well attended. We sold a few paintings. It was our first annual at the Depot in Beloit. Nice building. No one uses it anymore. We shall probably have another art show there next year and make it an annual event.
Sorry for the fuzzy photos. I had given up wearing eye makeup for quite awhile, but decided to try to improve my looks a little and wear some shadow and mascara... only to have my eyes get and cloudy and not be too certain about what I was seeing out of my camera lens and all these photos have camera shake, darn. I had the aperture open too wide. But you get the idea. Anyway I have totally given up on the make-up!

Ken, Savannah and Andrea were our entertainment. Savannah plays the violin and some songs were done with guitar, ukele and violin - with the three voices in harmony, very nice!

A special thanks to Joyce for all her hard work to make the Depot a nice place for us! She painted the walls seen behind these performers and 'spit and polished' the place this week. This stage used to be used for local plays at one the old Depot lends itself to use from time to time.

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