Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Elevator (work in progress) and Attack of the Redbird

This is where I started today. Having difficulty with the greys I got out my "grayscale" and value finder and was able to get a grip on the 4 - 5 values of the gray.

Don't know how much detail I will include...there are so many pieces of scaffolding and braces behind the structure. I want it to read right, but I don't think I will 'noodle' it.
That's not the point of the painting.

On another note, during the past several days, we have been under attack from a redbird.
He sits in the evergreen tree on the corner of our house and pecks insistently at his reflection on the windowpane in the spare bedroom. I put up newspaper inside the window, to distract his reflection, but he is still at it in a frenzy. It's a 'territorial male thing'. I want him to stay - and I want him to not kill himself. What's a mother to do?


Mark Bridges said...

I use the 3d glasses to check values. You have some nice glow on the elevator

James Parker said...

The elevator is "going up" nicely. I scrolled down a bit and saw some very nice portraits...I'm trying my hand at that now...your portraits deserve a hand. And welcome and thank you so much for joining my blog. My blogalongs are very dear to me.

Pattie Wall said...

Mark and James - thanks for your comments. James, you have been doing some great portraits already from what I saw on my visit.

Victoria on Okinawa said...

The elevator grain silos are looking better and better as you go along.

I've been preparing a number of canvases, got some under drawings done and hope to start up painting again soon.

I changed my blog name so you may not have been able to access it recently if you tried to go there.

Anyway love the photo of the red bird, interesting male activity. Hope he calms down, maybe the paper should go on the outside of the window so he won't see his reflection?

Pattie Wall said...

Victoria, thanks for looking. Yes, I have been wondering where your blog went. Good that you are getting ready to tackle it again!

Erika Nelson said...

Hi Pattie goodness I admire you for painting this structure - straight lines and I don't get along much and all the scaffolding details - my eyes are nervous, they think I'd want to paint all THOSE! You're doing a wonderful job, I have a great sense of the materials from your painting. I think the cardinal agrees with me too ;)

Vern Schwarz said...

Hi Pattie, this painting is coming along beautifully. A real ambitious project given all the perspective and detail issues. Having grown up on the farm, I kinda miss the old wooden elevators. These mammoth concrete things have their interesting design elements, but so lack the warmth of their forefathers. But I guess even these guys deserve to have their portraits painted, as they are so important to the farm community.

Try putting a picture of a big, fat, nasty looking cat in the window...ha!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Erika and Vern. I think this is a little beyond my patience, as I think about painting in the name of the facility and the detail on that top part of the front silos. (Biting nails). But - on to some more "painterly" works. I found that when I really needed the detail, I became a realist on this one...Bob Rohm's book should be helping me, but I often digress back to the old ways of stiff detail....it's been fun. Ah yes...it takes me back to technical drafting class.

Anonymous said...

Pattie, as always, I really enjoy reading your blog. Such beautiful photos and artwork!

I gave you an "award" on my blog - and I hope more of my readers will discover your friendly and outstanding blog!