Friday, August 14, 2009

Day Two of a Painting


Yesterday, I tinted an 18” x 24” canvasboard (large for me) with a red oxide and cad red mixed acrylic and then I sketched in the flowers with a dark and filled in areas of the darkest darks.  Today, I started filling in the local color of each flower and area using a photo as reference.


I am painting this in oil.  I continued carefully working to create that wonderful light that is coming into the arrangement from the left.   As you can see there are tulips, freesia oops, I think they are Peruvian lilies, roses, greenery and chrysanthemums (ha, I missed that word during a jr. high spelling bee once – second runner-up and I will never forget how to spell it!)  Have a ways to go yet – the upper left half (minus the green stems and leaves) is coming along.  It’s a good thing I stopped here, because I need to analyze the gray tones of about 3/4 of the chrysanthemum in the lower right.  It is in shadow of the tulips and roses.  Hope to keep posting the progress.

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Victoria on Okinawa said...

Thank you for sharing your progress. I'm very curious how to paint flowers since this is an area I have a great difficulty. Your colors are strong and powerful, the beauty is already beginning in this progression.