Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where I Stand Sunday

Even country dogs need exercise...especially since they have to be "penned" against the elements of other dogs, animals, varmints, people...this dog is referred to in the 'kenneling world' as "dog aggressive". He came that way, we tried many ways to change it, to no avail.
We went for a 3 mile walk around the "section" - saw no humans or cars or farmers - or quite luckily neighbor dogs, however saw evidence of big cat, coyote, deer, turkey, and spooked up 4 pheasants.
He loves being able to run, but stays close. He's a great pointer. We never have had him in a hunting situation. Wouldn't want to.
He is a pretty insecure dude and very highstrung - comes with the breed.
A trainer once told us, "He's no Alpha!", but he is our special dog.
We love him anyway.


Amanda said...

What a beautiful dog....and I like the corn fields too!

tracywall said...

Hey Pattie!
Love the images! (My dog is a bit of a bully around other dogs, too.) Just love the wide open spaces farm country has. Grew up in dairy farm country in WI, so it's homey for me. Someday I'll do a series of farm country landscapes.
Hope you're enjoying summer!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Manda and Tracy. This dog has proved me wrong this week, he has accepted "company" much better than in the past. If he just didn't have his little catalyst...the red wiener dog to exite him all the time...

Pattie Wall said...

Duh...excite - I cn spel.