Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where I Stand Sunday

Grainy iPad photo, back home again and standing at my taboret (a repurposed microwave rolling cabinet with some drawers underneath it).  Bought some little loaf tins made of aluminum foil at the grocery store - 5 packs of 5 for $5.00.  Needed something to organize my oil paints so when the drawer was opened, they didn't go flying around and get extremely mixed up.  Like colors ~ in like containers, IE:  reds in pan for reds, blues in pan for blues...etc.  I keep thinking organization, so I can easily go into studio and work without stumbling around looking for things.  I need to lessen 'the stuff', as well.  Working on that in my mind, hope my body gets with the same program soon!
Blocking in a new painting today.  More later.

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Susan Carlin said...

I just read backwards through your blog a few posts... and remember when I was more up-to-date with what you were doing and painting. Sigh. I'll come back by to see how the pastel of the kids is coming along. You asked how folks work with pastels. I usually work all over now, and I use a mahl stick (tension rod/wood dowel/walking cane) to keep my hands out of the painting as I go. How is it going for you? Hugs!