Friday, March 30, 2012

Farm Fresh Eggs

"Eggies for Breakfast"
6" x 5" approx.
watercolor on Strathmore
We have 2 laying hens..and they lay enough so we no longer HAVE to buy
store bought eggs. Farm eggs are so much better, I think.
Since it turned spring, our little Bantam, "Chickenator", spends her days sitting
on her own egg or the other hen's in and day out.  The past few days it seems as though we have changed her mind,
as the eggs get plucked out of the boxes each day
whether or not she is trying to brood.  She is seen more often out of the coop. 
It's difficult having chickens because during the summer we like to travel..and much as I would like to - I won't strap them to the top of the RV and take them along...although I bet somewhere it's been done.  I think of the "chicken buses" I saw in Guatemala a few years ago.  Those are much tougher chickens than ours.


Barbara Pask said...

Very nice painting Pattie. I have never painted raw eggs but is looks like fun. That is a funny image, strapping your chickens to the top of your rv, lol. Fresh eggs on the road, assuming they aren't too traumatized to lay, lol.

Carolyn Dube said...

Magnificent colors- especially love the purples as the shadows and background so they support and accentuate the eggs!

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I love the colors in this, and the flow of your watercolors, Pattie. The light just bounces around in that bowl and kisses those fresh eggs! This painting reminds me of my neighbor who lived next door to us when I was just a young wife and mother. She was the closest thing to a grandmother I ever had, and I remember standing in her kitchen talking to her while she cracked eggs into a bowl in preparation for making some mighty delicious pound cake!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Barb, Carolyn and Claire. Barb that would never really happen. They do well enough to lay in the confines of the quiet henhouse. ha! Carolyn, it is fun "playing" with watercolor...a watercolorist would probably say there is control in this medium...but I feel it's still so experimental. What a nice remembrance about your neighbor, Claire. I remember my Grandma's chicken house and how in addition to eggs, we had fried chicken often, courtesy of the hens in that chicken yard. It traumatized me to watch her kill them. Mine are just for eggs because of that memory.