Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where I Stand Sunday

I have determined that this weekly post is irrelevant at this time...I am not standing. I have four places I can sit, that's my Lazyboy, my wheelchair, the whole backseat of the car and bed, and those are the four places I stand on one leg with crutches. So...I hope to supplement this missing piece with more art.

I think to myself, how sad I will feel that I didn't use this unlimited time to paint, draw, design, in order to alleviate that outcome, that's my plan going forward. The biggest issue is - it is like painting standing on your head. I grapple with where the paint pan goes in a lap that already has a pad of paper in it, trying not to spill the rinse water, it's not the perfect or most comfortable 'making art' situation. I am fortunate to have an iPad. I have discovered it's a limitless tool for any artist and I invested in the iGet, which allows me to stand it up for handsfree use, right next to my elevated leg. It's like viewing a carnival sideshow. "The Incredible Broken Ankled Painting Woman"!!

I have known and seen many disabled persons in my life. I have a new understanding for how frustrating their lives must be. To know they have to adapt to their situation, conquer adversity and continue to have a quality of life truly amazes me. They are heroes. And hopefully they have someone that helps them or checks in with them often. It can get a person down, real easily.

I am lucky to have someone who keeps me "in check" - when I get down, he cheers me back up, when I complain (and I work hard at NOT doing that) he throws some comic relief my way. No matter what life has given me right now, I am still here..I am still loving life, and some day this will all be just a memory. I will look on the art I do right now as "that which was from the 'broken ankle' period". Thanks also, to YOU my wonderful friends, for your support and caring.


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

It's quite an experience when you're a very active person, and suddenly you lose your mobility. Technology definitely helps make it more bearable! It is also very humbling to think of the courage it must take for people to deal with this on a day-to-day basis when they know that this is the way every day of their life is going to be.
Thank goodness for humor - the 'medicine' that gets us through so many rough patches in our lives. I can feel your frustration, Pattie - but love how you are able to push yourself through with laughter and a good dose of fortitude!
I am standing here in Pennsylvania cheering you on, and waiting for the exciting day when you post those two feet standing on the ground again!!!

Pattie Wall said...

I watch the comedy channel alot more than I used to...humor is a very good medicine.
Thanks for your ongoing support - it definitely helps!!

Serena Lewis said...

Pattie, my sister in law was only allowed to sit in a chair with her leg elevated or lie in bed. For some unknown reason, she developed osteo-necrosis which is where the bone starts to die from not receiving blood. Bones in this situation can take a very long time to heal and she was not allowed to put any weight on her leg for three months.

Her three month mark has just ended but now, she is only allowed to put 20% weight on the effected leg for one month and the percentage of weight will gradually get higher with each month. She must use crutches and still keep the leg elevated when sitting which she must still do a lot of.

To add insult to injury, because she wasn't able to move around in that three months, she ended up with thrombosis (blood clot) in her leg so is being treated for that too.

My brother has been wonderful! He's being doing all the housework, laundry and cooking on top of his full time job. He himself had a kidney removed at the end of last year due to cancer so they have both been in the wars a bit.

I felt terribly sorry for Debbie being so debilitated with her injury so I totally understand how frustrating it is for you and, yes, it would certainly get you feeling down.

I wish you well on the rest of you recovery. We know Debbie is desperately looking forward to the day that she will be able to walk around as normal.

Take care,

Pattie Wall said...

Boy, Serena, Debbie must be sooo tired of all that! And to have her husband and caregiver just recovering. I know and have heard so many stories about this kind of injury, good and bad. I am crossing my fingers...I have been so careful not to bump it, or step down on it, or heaven forbid..fall on these darned crutches. Yikes! I have a whole body full of aches at night...muscles not firing makes for lots of that I think...sometimes drugs work and sometimes they don't. Right now my biggest ouch is my tailbone. It is sooo tired of this. Thanks for checking in!

Serena Lewis said...

I feel for you...I suffer all over body aches and pains due to arthritis. Yes, your muscles will be a bit out of whack due to your injury and the sudden need for lots of rest. Debbie will basically have to attend physio to teach her leg how to work properly again after being off it for so long. I'm sure you will need to do the same. Your poor tailbone....heat packs may help?? I do hope things improve for you more quickly than expected.

Enjoy the rest of the week as best you can ~ xo