Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another "Where I Stood" Moment for the Week

We were RVin this past week and were privvy (really?) to a hellish hailstorm just west of Norton, Kansas at Prairie Dog State Park (yes, there are prairie dogs there).
The sky was so yellowish/blue before it opened up with this size hailstones.
Very minor damage to the RV and few little dents in my Jeep which we pull behind us.
From inside the RV, it sounded like baseballs were hitting us.  Luckily some of the trees beside us lessened the impact.  Other's weren't so lucky.  One rig had a large part of the top of a tree fall on them in the unbelievable wind that accompanied this storm.  If your trailer was aluminum, there was some damage for sure, as was neighbors the other direction.  Afterward, the sun was setting and the horizon let the sunshine through. There was a hint of a rainbow as well.  First rain for us in a very long time.  Got up this morning and there was a little more rain at home.

Upon returning home, I went for my weekly ultrasound on my knee, massage of my ankle and recumbent bike and weights workout.  Ashley (my P.T.) wrapped some areas that need help on my leg with 'Kinesiotape'.  It lifts the skin off of the surface, so blood can flow in areas it might not be flowing as good.  I like the blue color and the design on my ankle/foot area.  The hardest part is keeping it on, after sleeping or showering.  It stays put if I am careful and that's the idea, to leave it on as long as possible, usually two or three days.  During our trip, on Wednesday, I felt like I didn't even have a broken ankle...a limp...or any issues (for about 2 hours).  It was wonderful!  But didn't last long.  I will take what I can get.  First time, since it happened, that my ankle area didn't have pain of some kind.  Supposed to have more of these times..although, today is not one of them.
I would give anything to walk with sandals or barefeet,
but my footbones are not up to it yet. 
I do a few steps in a shoe, without any brace on.  It is scary, but feels liberating.

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Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I am really impressed with the size of that hail - what a storm!
I know that the mending process has been slow for you, Pattie - but it is wonderful to see your progress. When I saw that x-ray of your break(s), I wondered if this would ever happen - so happy for you.