Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where I Stood

Indian Cave State Park, Nebraska - neat place - S.E. corner of Nebraska..go see it if you get a chance - it's like a fairy wonderland.
RV campsite - very wooded...very enchanting noises at night.  Come with me on a little car tour....

I love trees making a tunnel over the road.  Very different from the landscape just 20 miles from here ~ much less a few hundred miles.

Tree roots grow right out of the high bank along this road.  Bright light on the bank is sunlight through the trees.

I can imagine our dachshund (RIP) Hasty Herman, headed right into this hollow to find out if anyone's at home.

Lots of Lewis and Clark history and French and Indian history can be found here.  This is the mighty Missouri River.  Hard to imagine L and C taking their boat UPSTREAM ...pretty powerful current.


There was a great walkway/deck area along this 'living history drive'. I could actually go out on it - hobble/hobble - (mostly flat - no stairs) and photograph this part of the Missouri River Valley. 
This river flooded in this region last year. There were a lot of houses destroyed
and silt fills the croplands in the lower areas.  I know this because I took a day trip to KC to visit my dad and viewed the area as I crossed the river. 
Sorry NO FEET photo.  It is the same - only jumping on one foot up and down the RV stairs - or scooting 'down' off the stairs on my butt.  I was able to help with dog walks a little bit on this trip.  At least Chaco, the red doxie, will (at times) walk along slower with me plus I have strength to overpower a lunge after a squirrel or ??...the weimaraner?  That's another tale and requires the strength in two legs (and then some).

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