Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Pastel for an Upcoming Show

"Chrome, Smoke and Flames" - Art and the Automobile
opens this Sunday, September 2, in Russell, Kansas at the Deines Cultural Center.  Unbelievably, I am ready to go, ahead of schedule.  I have always been a 'last minute' kind of person, but lately I have been working on changing that.  I figure, I need the least amount of stress and that 'hurry-up' feeling, cause these days I can't 'hurry' - it just isn't physically possible. 
This is my last piece, of the total of 4, I am taking to the show.  It is done in pastel - on three separate pieces of Canson pastel paper...
  and put into a triple mat opening - and a gold metal 13" x 26" frame.
If I got paid by the hours I spend on framing, I am not asking enough for my work.
This matting and framing took me hours.  The photo below is just the mat and once the glass goes on, there is no escaping the glass glare in a photo.
(Click on the photo below to see a larger version of it.)
 The "Portis Taxi" is located in a nearby town.  It is a 'late 1940's Plymouth fastback',  very clean, a beautiful car.  I loved doing those tedious little black and white checkers...what a neat auto. 

This show runs through October 14th.  If you are in the area, hope you can drop by.
Hours are different than above...Tues. - Fri. 12 - 5, Sat. and Sun. 1 - 5.


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Great paintings, Pattie - and they make a great group framed together. Make sure you charge enough for this!!!!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Claire - You are so right. I also think about what a 'framer' would have charged for it, so I have it right.