Sunday, April 13, 2014

3 Entries for a Miniature ART Show

Prairie Winds Art Gallery in Grand Island, NE. is having their annual
Miniature Art Show - the deadline was coming up fast. 
The requirements are nothing painted is to be larger than 5" x 5" or 25 square inches
and living things have to be 1/6th their size or smaller, 
so for instance if a head is 9", the image you paint cannot exceed 1 1/2 inches.

Today, I painted #3 (and that was after three complete fails 
of other subjects - hard to paint small for me) - 
took it's photo above before I was really done
and next thing I knew, it was done and in the frame.
I did not take that moment to photograph it.
I DID some more work in the bottom right quadrant
the grass was connected and had a more finished look 
on the final look over.
Once behind glass and mounted in mat board, 
I just don't take them
back apart.

First painting is my daughter - done from a photo - 
wrapped in her winter warmth with a great
lens flare over her shoulder, 
I think it will be titled "Sun Flare". 

Second one is the puppy I did last week, and thought I would do a better one, but
I the next one I did, was NOT a better one, so this one makes it to
the frame.  I can live with that, I varnished seemed to make the
surface better.  It will be titled "Surveillance". 

Third one - is one I have had on the 'to-do pile'
for a very long time.  It finally made it to 
the surface and it will be titled "Hidden".

Watercolor, all around.  I am really starting to love it.
I have done nothing but watercolor for the last six paintings or so
 not counting
the ones that went in the 'round file'. 
Oh ya, and the ONE 'pencil' from the last post.
I have so many pigment choices to mix from today, 
I used my old $1.25 
watercolor set
from a hundred years ago - amongst others.

Off they go, along with 2 commissioned pieces to their owners -  this week.
Next week, I deliver my art to the MAPS show in Topeka.

No more shows for now - they take too much time.  I need studio time - just for painting
and ONLY painting.
Today I had help - I do every day, but today seemed to be 
one of 'help - like it or not'...I have such sweet 'studio kittens'.


Victoria Culbertson said...

Great watercolor minis! Hope they do well at the exhibition and that you get that studio time! I'm winding down for the end of the school year so lots to do! Figured out I have close to 60 art projects I want to do or have not completed so I'm planning out a way to get to those and still be sane!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks for stopping by Victoria and for the encouragement - now I will stop by and give YOU some - 60 projects - awesome!