Friday, April 11, 2014

An Artwork in Pencil

"Float Trip"
5" x 5"
graphite and colored pencil on Omni

Pencil - don't do it enough, thought it was time for one, or two, or who knows?

Here it is in a frame


Sandy Sandy said...

I like it. What is the story behind it? Just wonderin'.

Pattie Wall said...

That is my daughter - when she was little...I started that drawing of her, lost the photo reference in the middle of it, it had been a few years, thought about how much she likes to go on canoe trips called 'Float Trips' at my aunts in Missouri..also thought about a dream of floating in the water at night...and that's how it happened.
Thanks for asking, I would have told about it, but wasn't sure how to explain it..not sure if it's clear yet...

Sandy Sandy said...

Crystal clear, thanks!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks for your interest and thanks for asking! I feel like my blog is dead lately - dead of comments that is.