Wednesday, July 9, 2014

An Oil Painting of the Sunrise

"Sunrise 165"
oil on wrapped canvas
11" x 14"
For Sale at My Daily Paintworks site CLICK HERE

This morning, I gessoed over about 12 used canvases. 
My intention is to have substrates to 'practice' on for portraits.  
Off to a good start!  (Wait a minute - this is a landscape...)
As I was putting away a stack of 'maybe's' - 
this one was still propped up on my easel.
I decided to dive right into it, as I had lots of landscape colors left 
on my palette from the 'wolf' painting.

This is a sunrise on my dirt farm road.  I loved the colors in the sky. 
One thing I need to say about Kansas - it has sunrises and sunsets
like no other. 
This one really caught me!

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