Saturday, July 5, 2014

An Oil Painting of a Wolf Pack

"Hanging in the Balance"
12" x 24"
oil on wrapped canvas
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Caught a few steps of this painting - as I went along, below.
Started a week ago and have worked on it almost every day

Wolves in the U.S. ~ have been taken off of 
the 'endangered species list'.
They have flourished and are great in numbers and no longer
at risk, although ranchers/farmers still consider them a 
threat to their livestock.  Many - want them 'gone'
due to the threat they pose for other wildlife -
like deer, elk and moose.

I wish that huMANs could leave wildlife
to 'balance' itself without interference.  I believe 
wildlife management is key, but not in a  
'micro-managed' or 'over managed' sense.

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