Sunday, June 28, 2015

Getting Back INTO the Swing - and THE $40.00 SALE!!!

Part of the 'care and feeding' of a recreational vehicle is occasionally 
dusting it off and TAKING it somewhere.
 We did just that
recently, returning from a month long trip through 10 western and northwestern
U.S. states.  Found out we may have taken off on our journey a week too early, as it
was still chilly and sometimes snowy in higher elevations, where we like
to hang out, but it was an awesome trip - ALL the same!!
2 dogs in tow and the two of us,
traveled about 4300 miles, in 32 days, and stayed in 6 RV parks, 
5 State Campgrounds and 1 National Forest Campground.  
We thought the list would include a Walmart for one night, 
but lo and behold, that parking lot was full of RV's already.
Our hope was to really 'eat it up', as school 
wasn't quite OUT for most
places as we began our trip - but we ran into a couple 
of 'Weekend Warrior' situations,
Mother's Day and Memorial Day. 

It paid to have an itinerary and some places 'reserved' as we made our way.
We plan to do another one of these trips in the fall, perhaps going northeast, to the U.P.

Lots of photos taken - here are a few of my favorites.  
June Lake - Yosemite National Park area

The deer came ambling through our campsite at June Lake -
 morning and evening.  It was just us and ONE other 
camper most of the three days we were there!

Cape Lookout - near Tillamook, Oregon.

I have returned to spend alot of time taking care of 
the last month's worth
 of stuff that should have been done while we were gone, but
you can imagine how that goes.

I have been going over my 'shops' and wares - 
and would like to invite you
to visit my ETSY shop in the next week or so
while I have a 
monumental sale going on.  
All twelve items listed are $40.00 each
(plus shipping and handling)
Some are framed, some are different sized, 
some are pastel, 
some are oils.

UPDATE:  While some are still $40., some new ones are now added.

click HERE!!!

Taking a few more days off while attending the Annual 
Gray Family Reunion 
in southeast Missouri for the 4th.  Stay tuned.

P.S., I am no longer a member of the gallery in 
Loveland, Independence Gallery.
Although it was a great fit for us, the distance 
and not being able to be there much (a co-op sort of situation) 
was an issue...
so I sadly pulled myself out of the gallery, month's end.

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