Thursday, July 9, 2015

More "Time Out" -

I have reached that last bit of interruption of 'summer painting', I think.
One more bit of
'in the way' - I am going to plant a garden, 
even though it is 'late' - 
and see what comes up.
Each year on the 4th of July, my mom's family 
(The W.H. Gray Family) has a Reunion 
in southeast Missouri at my Aunt and Uncle's near Licking, Mo.
Sometimes I can go, sometimes not, but this year 
I felt very compelled to attend.
More driving.  I have logged (with DH and alone) 
over 7000 miles over the past month and a half.
This photo is most of the 65+ family members in attendance.  
Some come from nearby, some very far away.
It is always a real treat to be together and enjoy catching up.  
I believe, by calculating from a dated t-shirt I have from 
the past, this was the '41st annual'.
Happy Independence Day - America!

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