Friday, July 24, 2015

"Art is NOT a Far Off Place...

it lives inside you. "  Author Unknown
That is a quote that helped me restart my painting again.
 Painter's block is real, it is sometimes a little painful.   But I think I have finally kicked it to the curb.  Started a collection of 4 small paintings of my hen Harlough, who we recently lost in a freak accident.  Such a part of our daily landscape, she is sadly missed.  I felt like a tribute would be proper.

Still very wet paint, and that means, they don't photograph too well.
UPDATE:  As I continued painting, I needed to add more color to
the background of each of these so they would
appear congruent.  I used my photos of my hen,
all taken at different times, in different light.
Thought about leaving them each with their own elements,
but then decided they looked best
all with the same colors (see next post).


Karen Knutson said...

I too, am into painting chickens lately. So glad you kicked the artist's block to the curb. I get it almost every January, after taking December off. Love your paintings!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks so much Karen and thanks for stopping by. I realize by letting my blogging lag, I may lose touch with those who I have been in the trenches with..don't like doing that - so here is to more posts! Have to stop on over and see your chickens!