Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Where There's Rain, There's Alot of Water

Duh...last time I posted on my blog about this - was in 2011.  
We had about 3 1/2 inches of rain overnight on that occasion. 
Yesterday and last night, we had over 5 inches of rain.  
To a usually dry place, which is in a drought, this is so out of the ordinary 
and often brings some added tasks after the fact - 
on clean up and mending things. 
 Here is the little trickle of a creek at it's best,
 after a rain like this.

Just replaced some ceiling tiles in the studio last weekend,
that gather some roof leaking from time to time,
DH said those NEW tiles are ruined and
one is about to come out to
the studio to remedy that one 
and prepare for more 
as there is more rain in the forecast for
the next three days.

From rags to riches...
a wheat field on the road above us
in elevation has not been planted 
with wheat yet, We now have
lots of the enriched field earth
in our waterway!

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