Monday, July 16, 2007

Having Babies in the U.S., Then and Now

I am so proud of my 31 year old daughter. She is about 1 month away from delivering her 1st child, my first grandchild. She and her husband have become extremely informed about how the birthing might go, what to expect, hiring a "labor coach", and making solid plans to arrive at that end. I compare it to the time when I was in the same stage of life...there wasn't very much info available to us, like there is today. About 1/2 of the guys I knew wouldn't go near the delivery room. Mine didn't. I think "birthing" rooms were just coming into being..I sure didn't get one or want one. It's interesting how medicine has been made more "user" friendly. These days you get to be in charge of and responsible for so much more, you become a true stakeholder in what care you do or don't get. So much more information and support is available on the subject of "having babies". I am reading a book and searching the internet, too! I will be with her and her hub a. s. a. baby is born, or even perhaps for the "event" itself! I will liken it to being the experience I never wrapped my mind or body around. Most of all, I will be there to assist in welcoming a new member into our family! What a rush!

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