Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I Don't DO Dial-Up

While we were away at our annual family reunion in Ozarks -Missouri area (which by the way was "fantastic"), something happened to our DISH for our internet. (What else could be happening to this place??) I am now on dial-up at the mercy of a technician who COULD come by within the next few weeks..but it's doubtful. Not to be a pessimist, and I have so much to share on this BLOG, but...I don't do well with the "wait time" on dial-up, so this BLOG, unless I have amounts of time that I can spend sitting and waiting, will be temporarily "Out OF Order". I have so many photos to share with my kin. I am so P.O.'d. One of the disadvantages of living where I do..you can't get any kind of decent service from anyone!!!! Except the roofing materials were delivered while we were gone. So think of us with a new roof within the next few days, at least. Check back for sure by July 17th, that is how long I get dial-up service and we shall see if I have my dish fixed by then. Must have been the toll that the hail took on the LNB. It finally gave up. I have but one thing to say, "Curse YOU Red Baron!!!"

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Deb said...

Hey P - so sorry about your dish!! Man, can ya'll get a break? But I guess that is part of rural living - has it's +s &-s. LOL! It was wonderful to see you and meet G. Just wanted to thank you for listening and to tell you thank you for the Pic of Kay. Sorry I didn' get to look at it better with you, but I was getting emotional and didn't really want to do that in front of everyone @ the table. But it is so wonderful of you and I can't wait for Mom and Dad to see it. We made it home fine in 14.5 hours and no problems. I can't believe I didn't get to hug your neck and say goodby - especially to your parents. Maybe it was better because when I hugged Uncle Dub I started crying pretty hard and I know it made him uncomfortable, but I couldn't help it. Just wanted to say it was great to see you and awesome reunion.....can't wait to see your pics. Take care and TTYL - Debs