Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lessons Learned Living in a Small Town

Here's my list of what to be aware of when you move to a small town..this is what I have gleaned from living here one year (and I could write a book on the subject):
*know who are your "true" friends
*watch what you say in conversation (it usually gets printed in the newspaper or repeated)
*word travels fast
*be careful that you don't spread rumors or hear-say
*the Co-Op or the laundrymat is the best place to hear gossip
*controversy over "beliefs" or "agendas" is often topics of conversation
*loyalty usually falls on the "good ol boys" or extended family members
*others know a lot about you, even though you have never met them
*free popcorn is served at the bank on Thursday, cookies on Friday
*goods and services are not always easily or readily available
*you can (still) get rather frustrated "waiting" on an appointment
*it's difficult to get someone to show up to do the job you contracted with them
*specialty "service" companies charge more than in the big cities and usually come from a far away town

*"deer" accidents, cows on the highway or a loose dog in the neighborhood are the worthiest "crime" beat in the newspaper
*the cost of living in small towns is not always "cheaper"
*wages are the lowest
*most young people who pursue higher ed, don't come back
*there are no Walmarts, Targets, McDonalds or Burger Kings within 100 miles
*it is common practice to wave at any driver whom you can make eye contact with
*others know your 'business' because they 'know' your vehicle
*if you are driving a large grain truck or farm equipment down a "section" road, others will pull over to let you safely pass
*if you are driving farm equipment down the highway, no one gets angry, honks or flips you off as they pass you
*a store manager has probably not taken managerial training in "how to deal with employees" or customers
*there is no air pollution
*you might not see an actual traffic light within a 37 mile radius
*the highway patrol makes daily appearances on the state highway nearest you

We like living here, we have found a need to be more cognizant of what and who we are dealing with. It is - what it is! So if you get a chance to move to a small town from a big city, it's great! Just be aware that you will have to make a major adjustment to the culture and the climate.

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