Friday, August 3, 2007

As Bob Barker always said..

"Don't forget to have your pets spayed or neutered." Well, we finally did. You know, it wasn't laziness, it was at the most"macho" ideals...maybe we will "stud" one out, cause he is such a neat dog...but it never happened (and besides that one has seizures, perhaps a product of inbreeding, which I did notice on his pedigree certificate). This non- neutering caused the problem that we had with all the dogs, "dominance issues". It won't be resolved with the deed done today, but it will be lessened. We took our two dachshunds in to be neutered today. We will pick them up in the morning, after they get their "sea legs back again". Herman is 6 and Chaco is 4. Chaco had his teeth cleaned also..just as humans, some are born with more hygiene issues than others, he has "bad breath" and his teeth are quite brown in color. It ends up taking a toll on an organ or with health in general, just as in humans. We are hoping that the alpha response will cease to be a problem, over time, and that we will have less likelihood of aging dog problems with regards to abnormal growths in their testicles. Worrying about them "getting" to a female dog, has never been a problem. I am looking forward to happier times for them all.
PS, we used our outdoor "chimes" and some flashy/spinners in the garden of corn, hopefully the deer aren't big fans of windchimes. If so, we may have created a "monster"!

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