Tuesday, August 7, 2007


What do a blue-tailed skink and a woodhouse toad have in common? They both live here around my house. The skink is living in the garage and the toad(s) are everywhere. Herman found one today. I could tell by the "glee' in his bark that he found something that was about to be tasted, that is what he does...bees, wasps, beetles, mice, whatever is scurrying over the ground or flying nearby. The only bad part about (cute) critter is that it is poisonous. As Herman bit into him, the toad secreted his glands. I quickly lunged for the toad as Herman backed off, bad taste and then his mouth began to foam. I threw the toad out way out in the yard over the fence...as far as I could. He was about the size of a fifty cent piece. But after reading about them online, Herman is very lucky to be alive tonight. They can cause the predator's airways to close. I don't know if the dog has had enough of a BAD taste with this one.
Now I am hyper-aware of them, I am afraid they can't stay around the house, if I see one, it will have to go away. I picked up one the other day, which they say could be dangerous and I thought he had peed in my hand, but guess that was the gland thing also, I knew to wash my hands afterward...and not touch my face.

The skink is harmless. They will lose their tails if you catch them that way. I have no purpose to catch this one, unless he got into the studio today while we were installing the awnings and had the door open.
By the way, haven't seen the SKUNK since we got back from Colorado. I think our neighbor may have intervened.

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