Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Show and Tell

If you aren't able to enjoy the colors in the Rocky Mountain high country, then here are a few views from last week.

A view of the Gore Range from Ute Pass.

On Grand County Road 3...

The lake at Colorado State Forest/No. Michigan campgrounds.

Williams Fork River, you can see the beetle kill on the left mountain.
Then...yesterday I worked the gallery in Grand Island.  Something new for the gallery, and a very good idea...a wedding last night.  Spent the day checking in artwork for the upcoming Miniature Show and moving fixtures around to accommodate the wedding party.  P.S. the couple met at the gallery.

Linda's bouquet...

Part of the centerpiece for the serving table.  The roses were very cool, they had dark red stripes in them, I am sure my daughter or Manda or my stepdaughter could tell you what kind of roses they are...all are fantastic florists themselves!  One of the gallery directors was in charge of this occassion and she did a fantastic job!!
Now, today I need to begin reorganizing and cleaning my studio - anyone want to come help???


Mark Bridges said...

Great photos. Tie a swiffer to the dogs tails and a vienna sauage to your fishing pole and let the dogs chase in the studio

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Mark...the swiffer idea is being considered. I really need someone to go through everything that was in boxes when we moved here and happens to STILL be in boxes when we moved here...You know the artist thing...can't throw anything away!

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Love the photos! I also like your painting posted as the title section for your blog. My photos of my studio is out of date, I've rearranged and reorganized a couple of times since. It looks like I'll not be teaching in my studio after all, children already too committed to other activities. Sounds like my problem: too committed to too many other activities. Hope you'll be able to let go of what is not part of your life and process now. I know, it is hard to let go of things.