Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where I Stand Sunday -

This "Where I Stand" is a special one. I am getting near the end of my job in KC - staying at Mom and Dad's house.  Next Friday it will be 40 days away from my beloved home in the country.  I will be going home (and I can't wait), BUT...I will be missing out on the celebration of my parents 65th Wedding Anniversary, so we had a celebration tonight.   This is our feet on my bed in my room listening to my new multimedia speakers.  We had such a good time - laughing and falling all over the place when we likened it to a similar celebration when they were all at my BA Degree in Education celebration in 1990, when many of us (my brother and I, my sister-in-law and not present this time my daughter and nephew) sat on my bed laughing and falling off the bed until the wee hours...or at least past the sensible time for the travelers who were headed back to KC in the morning from the mountains above Denver.  This time, mom and dad WERE involved in the laughter and the fun and the craziness.  In 1990, they were the ones reminding us to turn it down and go to bed.  Ha!!  
So hope you catch a taste of what it is like in my family this night.
Had a great dinner, great trip down Memory Lane - 65 years ago.  Cherishing these times we can be together and have just a 'silly blast'.  Happy Anniversary MOM and DAD!!  Your love for each other showed us that life can be wonderful and that LOVE and TOGETHERNESS ENDURES!!


Leann said...

I LOVE all the feet! Great photo and great time!

Victoria on Okinawa said...

What fun! congrats to your parent's 65th wedding anniversary! Looks like they are enjoying life more too! The promises of aging together!

Gwen Bell said...

Pattie, I always love your "Where I Stand" posts but this one is the very best. What a great picture and story! Those all look like very happy, loving feet. Here's wishing your parents a very Happy 65th Anniversary. They certainly raised a fantastic daughter! :)