Sunday, July 4, 2010

Where I Stand Sunday...rainy day that it is... this was a few days ago, but it represents where I stood, or sat for several hours towards the end of this week and the passenger seat of the grain truck. I am back home after being away for 38 days straight.  Funny how you forget how "systems" and remotes and phones work if you are away using someone else's.  Had a great 5 1/2 weeks of work and time to be with family, however, I am glad to be back where I belong.

Back home to wheat harvest.  Hot sun, people working together, lots of fine dust poked up from heavy weighted truck tires,  wheat chafe and dust in the eyes and lungs, sitting at the elevator in line to unload into the grain elevators.  Watching the whole thing like a finely tuned orchestra or at least a small ensemble - as well as can be expected given the number of people involved.  Sure there are glitches - equipment breakdowns - man (and woman) power issues...but it works and has for hundreds of years.  Picture today's farmer - running the equipment way into the dark night, with AC, tunes, GPS and mega powered engines and machines. Easier than it used to be, but still hard -
physically demanding work. 

Today's rain has brought a much needed respite from 12+ hour working days.  Also, it's hubster and my bring on the rain and the cooler breeze, the AC's are off and the windows are open!  HAPPY JULY 4TH - AMERICA!! 
A special thanks to those in uniform - serving our country near and far. 

                                                            (sorry for the dirty mirror)  That's the grain shooting out of the auger arm into the grain truck box...

America - land that I so love!!

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Leann said...

Happy anniversary!!