Friday, September 3, 2010

On the Way Home

It will be 21 days, I think, since we left our home and went on an RV excursion to the western U.S.  It has been a whirlwind of a  great time.  I think I have over 1,000+ photos on my cards which should be enough to get me painting when I get back.  Luckily - we had no major issues with the RV - seeings how it decided to take a crap on us before we left.  It has to go in the body shop when we get back as the guys who worked on it prior to us leaving, backed it into a truck in their shop.  (Go figure..)

Dogs are sleepy here, but never too tired to go outside and explore. We have been in some places where there are just too many dogs competing for the fun outside the RV's and campers.   They have been pretty good boys on this trip.
The skies, the geology/geography of the West is awe inspiring. My photos  - a lot from the RV window - should be fun to review and Photoshop.  Each area had it's own uniqueness in view and activity. The weather for the most part was just what we needed.  Less warm days - cool nights.  Less bugs.  Different people.  A couple of spots with way less human activity and more wild animals than others. 

Our last stop has been near Valentine, Ne...but the 2 nights prior to that we were all alone in Keyhole State Park (above) in NW Wyoming sitting on a ridge above the lake.  Lots of deer.  The area was so dry, no campfires allowed,  but that didn't matter, the trillions of STARS were the viewing of the evening.  There were several spots along the way that no campfires were allowed.  Very dry summer out there this year.  But we did enjoy the evening campfires in Yellowstone.  Made some acquaintances with nice people. 
I can't wait to tell you more.  Will do so when we land back in Kansas...get unloaded...take care of all the business that awaits us.  I have a new PT job at the Grain Elevator office during harvest when I return - corn, milo and soybean (that's how we are able to make these trips - and altho gas prices are supposed to be lower...they are still high to us - diesel wise).   I have such a connection with the my art and my thinking - but one of these days we shall have to journey to the East.  
Stay tuned. 


Leann said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time! It is astounding how many stars are out there when you get away from the light. We have so much light pollution you hardly see any. Make sure you make time to paint!

Pattie Wall said...

Yes, on the stars - the only other place I have seen them so well, even the Milky Lake Powell. Never forget it! The painting is coming right up...gotta get the mowin' and rock spreadin' done first. So much to do, so little time it seems some days.