Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where I Stand Sunday

Popcorn Harvest - I waited about a week too long...bugs had begun to devour it.  A lot of it was ruined.  While we were gone the weeds grabbed the little mini-gourd vines and hid them along the ground, I tried to get them unhooked, but some were vines were torn.  I guess we left at the wrong time...but is it ever the right time, when you are growing food?  Stickers have taken over. I found a little grey bunny living amongst it all.  It doesn't appear to be a wild rabbit...wonder where he/she came from? While hiding there he/she is safe, nothing would go into the mess of stickers.
Had to harvest a few minis...they were real small. 
You can see them laying on top of the popcorn.

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