Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mixed Media/Watercolor-Pastel

"Poppies II"
watercolor and pastel
4" x 6"
Canson watercolor paper
Experimenting with these two mediums. The pastel needs a 'tooth' to set down on the paper and there isn't any.  The surface is pretty smooth.  Once I spray fixed it 'on purpose', I added pastel into the wet surface and it made for an interesting finish, feels and looks almost "impasto" and a little abstract.  I also realized that my Photoshopping efforts weren't making my photos bright enough once blogged, so this one seems a little pumped up bright to me.  I am trying to get this 'watercolor' painting idea - in the meantime - so different to use if you are used to oil or pastel.  Lots of practice and 'duds'  - a title my brother used to give to his firecrackers that didn't explode when he was a little boy. 

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