Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Digs to Hang With

I live where there aren't a lot of opportunities to show locally.  The coffee shop in Downs, Kansas, closed awhile back which left a big whole in the world of "being out there".  Until now...
A fairly new place is open and alive in Osborne, Kansas...that's about 35 miles away from  me.  My friend Jan Schoen and I...have work hanging there for show and sell.  There are a few other artist's who have hung their work, as well.
If you live in the North Central Kansas area, stop in.  Dave makes great coffee and food!  It's a little taste of history in this old building. 
Our pieces on view (4 each for now).  It's a nice bright, sunny spot on this wall.
We are looking forward to the exposure and further interest in our work and Harvey's!
Here's the lunch menu if you are interested.

Great specialty coffees, teas and drinks as well! 
We plan on stopping by for the live music some Friday evening!


Mark Bridges said...

Merry Christmas Pattie, glad you're in the public eye.

Dana Cooper said...

It looks great Pattie, congratulations!!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Mark and Dana! It's not a gallery, but it's close and is a part of the 'local scene' - some times, ya need that. Merry Christmas to you!