Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Barn Painted in Pastel

"Still Standing"
6" x 10"
pastel on matboard
(not a very good photo...)
IN Kansas, just like in many states, there are lots of these type of set-ups that are either still used, abandoned or falling down.  This one is still standing and was beside a field that was mowed and probably had farm implements or equipment inside. 
I take lots of photos of old barns. 
I love the different styles and architecture, materials and uses.
On my way home, I noticed a cool one that was a modern residence and took it's photo.
I always want to get closer to yards that are nicely landscaped, and this one was, but I was in a hurry.  I like that the old silo was still standing nearby - or maybe it was a new one. 

Here is a photo of the skies over our barn/garage/studio/shop last evening...I felt like I was looking at the skies from the movie "War of the Worlds".  Those clouds brought lots of straight-line winds, scary lightning and just a little rain.  It cooled things down.  Today the garage is 105 inside DH is using his welding machine in there...95 on our porch in the shade...the AC isn't really keeping up with the heat.  UGH!!
Doesn't it look like there is a hole that will open up and swallow us?

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