Friday, July 15, 2011

A Pastel Painting for Today

"Gull Dreams"
10" x 12" approx.
pastel on treated matboard
matted in a 15" x 9" frame
This painting for sale at my Etsy shop!

Loooong time since I have completed something serious in the studio.  Today I did this piece as a study for a larger one, which I think will be painted in oil instead of pastel...although that really nice blue on the foreground bird is not as doable in oil paint...may have to do a larger pastel, then an oil.
I pieced together several photos from Morguefile ~ I have birds on my mind alot lately.
Here, also, is a photo of a cool place I stopped to eat on my way back from KC yesterday.  It's in Wamego, Kansas right next to the OZ Museum
called "Toto's Tacoz!".
Really tasty tacos, as well as other dishes there
and a cute little eating area filled with OZ memorabilia!

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Victoria on Okinawa said...

Awesome pastel painting!!!