Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chickens on the Move

I'm back home now. It has been a few 'trying' and sad weeks for me and my family. Losing mom has been extremely hard. Saying goodbye was even harder. She was laid to rest near the town where she grew up, a little town in southeast Missouri.  I hadn't been there myself in about 23 years. Funny how some things change and some things are the same. Was so good to see members of my family that I hadn't seen in that long, as well. I am learning to live with the reality that my mom is no longer with us. Thinking good thoughts and remembering good times are at the forefront of my days. But life is sure different...I miss you mom - more than words can say and as I go through my days, I know she is nearby. 

Upon returning to home we needed to move the chicken coop to a fresh area. DH designed and welded a couple of axels for wheels from an unused lawn tractor to make the coop 'mobile'. Two wheels on the front and a 2 x 4 placed underneath some hooks on the back for leverage to pick it up and wheel it to a new area.  The back of the chicken coop does not have beefy enough uprights to add more wheels there.  This whole idea was an afterthought, when we found out how heavy the building was once we were through building it...ugh!  This move wasn't as easy as it looks as it was still heavy, but it's moved and the chickens seem happy to have some fresh grass. Something we are trying to do lots of ~ is catch grasshoppers and throw them in the run for them to catch and devour. Guess who usually gets them? Harlough, the wonder chick...who is now a big fat hen! Here are a few photos that show how we spent most of the morning yesterday.  I tried to get some better photos of the chickens, but they were intent on staying in the shade after the move, it was hot and the bright sun too warm. Today we are having some much welcomed overnight and morning RAIN and cooler weather!!

We had to move the 'run' slowly - as we were unable to coax them up into the house once they were out.

These are the nifty hooks that we got off of some old utility poles we had. Don't know what they were used for but they make great hooks to put the 2 x 4 into and lift.

New grass area - the old area will no doubt soon regenerate
with all the fertilizer left behind.
Chickens are fun to raise. They are easy animals who don't need a LOT of everyday care.  Just clean fresh water and food. 


suzanneberry said...

You are right, she is nearby, always. Welcome back.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Suz - it's good to be back.

Leann said...

poultry in motion

Pattie Wall said...

Clever girl! They have each had their share of handpicked grasshoppers this morning!