Saturday, August 27, 2011

While in the Rockies

It seems that I am really behind in my blogging.  I have been sooo busy this summer ~ not painting...which is just the saddest thing to me, but it can't be helped.  I am spending time doing things I want to and need to do. Spending time with family is important...more important than painting ~ at times.  All artists have these moments of revelation. 

When my granddaughter, Scarlett, was born in NYC 4 years ago, that's ONE DAY after my husband's birthday, I knew there would be a collision of those two days...eventually. This year we addressed these approaching dates as one.  It feels as if the planets came together almost. It was suggested that there be a 'camping' trip formed with these dates in mind.  'Nough said..Colorado high country it was.  We wanted to meet at an obscure and not well visited campground and we knew just the place.  Our favorite camping spot, Sugarloaf, in the Arapaho National Forest, between Dillon and Kremmling, near the Henderson Mine. 

The kids, his and mine, were able to be together once had been awhile.  The granddaughters, one of mine and two of his, got to meet for the first time.  Significant 'others' got to meet one another for the first time. We had a great time for the weekend. (That would be last weekend.)  It was perfect, in fact!
We took our diesel pusher, hubster's son brought his camp trailer, and two other families stayed in tents at night.  The weather was rainy the first night.  It was welcome in our camp.  We have lived in 100+ degrees for so many days in Kansas.  Cooler nights were awesome sleeping weather.
AND...of course, my experience with camping trips is made extremely superb by the presence of not-often-seen critters.  First morning, before all the rest of the crew arrived the next day, we woke up to this young guy standing at the side of the RV.
I about fell out the window, taking so many photos. What a special treat!
Once the kids arrived, we were busy telling them about this youngster.  Well, what do you know, the next morning, this guy shows up.
Again, my traveling camera went along the road and across following him with my telephoto lens.  What a magnificent beast!!!
Growing up in Colorado, I have never experienced moose, until we camped here several years ago.  Each year we have seen a few of them here.
After breakfast, hubster was cleaning the grill...and then someone said, "The moose is back!"  Watch the sequence - hubster knows not to mess with them...he was just passing back through to the forest on the east side of the camp.

OK time to get back out of the way..and let him pass.

I am just beside myself that I have lots of space on my sandisks and that my telephoto reaches way out on these shots.  I have material to paint from for the winter!
Here's Bailey fetching sticks in the cold river...
Our three granddaughters - Scarlett, Karli and Shelbi May.
and a group shot - for posterity!
My daughter suggested we make it an annual event.  I am up for that!


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