Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dog Dreams

"Chaco Dreams"
6" x 8"
oil on black claybord by Ampersand

If you read my blog, you might be aware that ~ for me, it's difficult to be away from the easel for more than a week.  My painting days have been so sporadic.  I lose my 'mojo' so to speak.  I did a warm-up of a young of the artwork came out with a brilliant shine on the surface, so I think I will let it sit for a little bit, do some drying and tackle a few spots that I don't like.  The painting above came together, alla prima - without a drawing or much of a plan.  I took this great photo of my red doxie, Chaco, and immediately saw a whimsical version of it in paint with the stars all around - so out it came.  I love painting on the black claybord surface, but it sucks up the paint right away and the colors don't stay very vivid or bright.  I used a large-ish brush and decided to just go with the flow..since my earlier attempt had more or less 'bombed'.

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