Saturday, July 7, 2012

Where I Stood Saturday (and Friday and Thursday)

Life is good, the studio has great AC and with this heat, there isn't much else to do but stay inside and try to stay cool.
I started an oil yesterday - 18" x 36".  It isn't done yet, but is getting close.
It is one for the show in Russell - in late August..I hope.
I always forget to get that beginning photo.  I sketched the scene out in pencil first, then, started with the darkest darks,
then moved on to the sky, the sand, with intermittent work on the van.
More of the details were painted today. 
This bus is a little worse for wear and that part isn't showing in my painting yet.  Oh well, all cars start out new at some point..this one is definitely USED.   The photo I am relying on is from a trip that my husband took with friends to La Paz, Mexico ~ back in the 70's.  It was quite a memorable trip for him, so if I don't happen to sell it, it will hang in his office for him to reminisce the days away.

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