Wednesday, July 4, 2012

To Southeast Missouri and Back Again

The RV is in front of the guest house at Lake Tealwood, Missouri. It was our 43+ year 'Gray Family Reunion'.  There were 61 family members plus 2 extra guests attending. We were there for only a day and a half, but got to see everyone, and visit with most.
My aunt and uncle and their family host this event each year...and have for the aforementioned years.  Hot and dry there as well as continuing here at home. Ugh!
Difficult to commit camera shots to the outdoors with everything so dry and burnt.  Should be back in the studio soon.  Lots to catch up on.
My daughter and her family came through here on their way to the reunion and on their way back to Colorado. It was the first time she had been to our place here in the Central Plains, since we moved here 6 years ago from Colorado.  Sorry she had to see it at it's worse and mostly from inside the air conditioning.  Thank goodness for AC's!!

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