Saturday, September 8, 2012

Where I Stand Saturday/Sunday

These pastels are remnants of some reworking I have been doing on a few pieces that never made it past the easel.  When I look at some of my older works, I see so much of what needs to be done.  So these two below got a 'pastel make-over' and are headed for a new show mid-September.  
This week, as well, I realized that each time I am able to spend a little more time, than 'hurry-up your show is tomorrow!' -  I understand and become more proficient with my mat cutting system..which is key to framing and presenting watercolor and pastel paintings.  I love having that time.   
Today I didn't feel like that duck in water you may have heard reference to, calm on the surface and paddling like mad beneath.  Nice feeling.
"Rainbow Bridge"
pastel on Canson paper
9" x 12"
"Chinle Arroyo"
pastel on Wallis sandpaper
20" x 12"

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