Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where I Stand Sunday

Today began - in the fog.  As it lifted, I tried to do some plein air painting with oil.  It has been so dry, the trees have suffered as well as the farmcrops and gardens.  Difficult to make 'pretty' out of 'dry' ~ even tweaking it, I found out.  But I gave it a try.  The sun finally came out about the time I was giving up. 
Yesterday, I took 4 paintings to McCook, Nebraska..about 2 hours from here with my friend, Gwen.  The Open Fine Arts Competition opens at:
McCook Art Guild
McCook Art Center 209 Norris Ave.
McCook, Nebraska 69001
September 22 ("Opening" 1 - 4) to October 6, 2011

There are certain business hours, be sure to call ahead for that info.  Should be about 125 (2 dimensional, as well as 3 dimensional) works there.
What surprised us is ~ we learned that there is an abundance of 'artists' in that area of the Central Plains/U.S.A.
So now, the R.C.A.A. (Red Cloud Area Artists) is represented at this event!
It is so nice to be able to spend time with another 'artist' who loves talking 'art'.  Our shared ideas helped to feed our inspiration.
Anyway, it's exciting to be sharing my art in two events at this time, "Chrome, Smoke and Flames" in Russell, as well.
I also submitted three works to the 'Over 60 Competition' with The Artist's Magazine.  (OK, so now you know I am over 60. )  News of those selected for awards and to be featured in the magazine comes in December.
That has been my goal since being 'down' most of this year with my ankle stand myself back up and GET OUT THERE! 
Now, time to get prepared for teaching a two-day workshop in
mid-October in Bennington, Kansas on "Painting the Figure in Oil" -
looking forward to it -
along with plenty of time in front of the easel 'til late October
when I have more surgery on my ankle area.


Barbara Pask said...

Look at you all standing up and painting, isn't that great? More surgery? Ah, didn't know that. Good luck on the show, keep us posted. It is great to hang out with other artists and talk art isn't it? I drive my poor husband crazy, lol.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Barb. I think I do that too, but ART speak is a language that has to be spoken and spoken often!