Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Day of Fixin's

Painting 30 paintings in 30 days - was exciting and fun and now for some serious "tweaking" of three of to finish the edges, one to readjust some features and colors and one to change the background..and naturally while I was at it, I found some more to do with the dachshund, as well.  A productive afternoon.  Felt good to be at the drawing table once again.  

Here are the additions to one and 'before and after' photos of two.
Remember "Snow Dog"?

Well, it is a deep canvas and needed it's edges painted - so if it hangs without a frame - which it can is finished.

The other sides have snow continued on them - no biggie.

Then the kitten portrait needed much fixing...although small, it has lots of information in it.

and AFTER...
it needed warming (color wise), the bottom cat wasn't right, the top cat needed some more work...but the owner said it's eyes were right, 
so I left them alone.
It was getting to the point where I said a big 'NO' 
every time I looked at it.
It just wasn't finished.  A day wasn't enough for many of my paintings I did.
And on a few of them I spilled into the next day.  

The next one is my own painting (NFS) - 
needed some serious change of the background.
and AFTER...
worked the face some more..and what a difference 
the change of background made.  For some reason,
there is still something wrong with it..but I will stew over it in time.
Maybe the under the chin and neck needs a difference in 'highlight shine'.
I am not one to paint every little hair.
Did some major varnishing...also.  I did a test of one 
that was painted on the Arches oil painting paper to see
how the surface accepted the varnish.
Don't know if I need to varnish those or not, since I sealed them
underneath with my 'acrylic undertone'.
Maybe someone else who paints on this surface can share with
me what they do to finalize the surface..
"varnish or no varnish?" - 
that is the question.


Leann said...

You astound me, it's so much fun to get a glimpse into your mind when you look at your (what I thought were finished) paintings, then you make them so much better. Remarkable.

Pattie Wall said...

When it's critters I am dealing with, they, to me are no different than people - people expect their animals to LOOK like their animals - so that is what this was about, including mine.